Which factors effort cone crusher liners span life?

After buying the crusher by spending a huge amount of money, most of the people did not like to spend a lot of money on changing the crusher wear parts, because the crushers wear parts are not cheap and also you have to buy more parts than you expected if you try to change any crusher wear parts. The following are the top 4 simple factors that will help you to last your material for a longer time if you follow it correctly and also you can keep your equipment up along with the full running time.

Choosing the right material for the crusher wear parts

The first and foremost thing is that you have to choose the correct material for the crusher wear parts and also it has to be chosen based on the working condition of the crusher liners. The Mill Liners Foundry available materials for the crusher wear parts where you can select the one according to your need. The following are some of the materials martensitic steel, manganese steel, alloy steel, chrome steel where the alloy steel is widely used as the casting crusher wear parts and with this alloy steel material, the crushed material will be dresses by magnetic separation and this alloy steel material cannot be cast in the larger parts as it can be easily broken but it is well suited for weightless parts that are less than 500 kg and small.

The next material is chrome steel material and here the carbon is bonded chemically in the chromium carbide form. This chrome steel material’s wear resistance is completely based on the hard matrix’s hard carbides so that the movements are hindered by offsets and this will provide a high degree of strength. For preventing the material from the brittle, the blow bars that are present in this have to be treated with heat.

The martensitic steel material is fully carbon saturated type of iron and it is made by a quick cooling method. Here in the subsequent heat treatment is done for removing the carbon from the martensitic and by doing so, the strength of this material and also the strength of the wear properties will get improved. This martensitic steel material is used if there is a little amount of impact load for hardening the manganese steel and also through you will have the good wear resistance which is the most required one and also this material will have a good impact on stress resistance. 

The next material is manganese steel, the wear resistance of this material that is with the austenitic structure is completely attributable to the phenomenon of the work hardening. The pressure load and the impact will result in the hardening of the surface on the austenitic structure and nowadays this manganese steel material is most widely used for crushing shells, crushing cones, and the crusher jaws.

Choose the right material size and feed mix

The next important factor is that you have to choose the material with the correct size that will fit correctly. This is the one important factor as if the size of the material that you are choosing has to be fit correctly or else the life of the material will not last long. If it fits correctly then the working process will be smooth and also the life will last long.

Conduct frequent inspections on the cone crusher liners

Always you have a take few minutes each week or each day for looking over the crusher, screens, feeder, and belt for any issues. By doing this frequent inspection you will come to know the defect at the early stage itself and also it will help you to recover the problem within a short period as the fault was detected in the early stage and also the recovery cost will be low as the damage was at an early stage.

Choose the right place for buying the best cone crusher liners

If you buy the best cone crusher liner then it will be good for you as the quality of it will be very good so that there will be no damage at a short period of time and the product will last for a longer time.