How I Got Began With Online Gambling

While online gambling is exciting, Wynn’s plan to take its online gambling business public has been put on hold. Las Vegas and Boston are hitting on all cylinders in the gambling business. Wynn reported third-quarter earnings that were decent but not impressive, the CEO announced he was leaving, and on Friday morning, the bombshell dropped that Wynn is no longer spinning off its online gambling business to a SPAC. Outgoing CEO Matt Maddox has been through arguably the most difficult tenure a gambling CEO has ever seen. And on the online gambling site, Wynn is a small player that needs a different strategy than bigger rivals. Tax revenues from online gambling can be used to mitigate its harm, and to fund education and other worthy initiatives.

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Macao remains a drag on the entire industry. It’s Macao that was down, with Wynn Palace revenue of $181.3 million and adjusted EBITDA of just $12.1 million. It’s been a rough week for entertainment stock Wynn Resorts NASDAQ: WYNN, the high-end casino company with operations in Las Vegas, Boston, and Macao. Not surprisingly, Las Vegas performed well, with $476 million in revenue and $183.4 million in EBITDA. Revenue was $994.6 million, up from $370.5 million a year ago in the middle of the pandemic. Wynn Macau generated $130.7 million in revenue and had a negative $1.9 million in property EBITDA. Adjusted property EBITDA, which is a proxy for cash flow from resorts, was $154.6 million, which was driven almost entirely by Las Vegas.