Create a Spongebob SquarePants Themed Bedroom

How to Find Good Accessories for a Bikini Bottom Style Room

Nickelodeon’s Spongebob Squarepants is incredibly popular among boys and girls of all ages. Buying the official merchandise is an easy way to create a shrine to the hero. With some lateral thinking, the Spongebob fan’s bedroom can be more exciting and unique.

Recreating Spongebob’s Bikini Bottom In a Bedroom

Spongebob lives under the sea, so bedroom furnishings, decoration and accessories could continue the underworld theme. Wallpaper, curtains, carpets, lampshades can all be purchased with seabed themes. Images will include shells, smooth stones, seaweed, fish and starfish.

Note, the theme should be precisely under the sea, not the seashore, the harbour or sailing on the sea.

Accessories Reminiscent of Spongebob at the Krusty Krab

Spongebob is known for his dedication to his job as a fry cook at Bikini Bottom’s Krusty Krab cafe. There are two accessories a fan would associate with Spongebob: his spatula and a Krusty Krabby Patty.

The spatula is also known as a fish slice; it turns food, such as burgers frying in a pan. A few spatulas could look good as a Spongebob mobile in a suitable bedroom.

It will be easier to find images, objects and toys to represent a Krabby Patty. The Patty looks like a hamburger in a bun with all the trimmings.

Spongebob Lives in a Pineapple

It might be said that the strangest thing is that Spongebob lives in a Pineapple. However, there are so many incongruent details about Squarepants’ world that there would be quite a long list of contenders for the title of strangest element.

Items with a pineapple theme, pineapple shape and or print will nicely complement a Bikini Bottom bedroom as Spongebob’s home is a pineapple.

Neptune, King of Bikini Bottom

Neptune, the sea god, was plucked from Roman mythology and created King of Spongebob’s fictional world. King Neptune makes an appearance from time to time.

A Spongebob themed bedroom for bright young things may include references to Neptune or the Greek sea god, Poseidon. The room could consist of posters, statues and books about these mythical gods.

Spongebob Themed Bedroom Furniture & Accessories

Whilst it may be easy to buy bright yellow Spongebob merchandise, it can be more interesting, rewarding and imaginative to create a unique look inspired by Bikini Bottom.

The world of Spongebob Squarepants is on the seabed with his friends, Patrick Star, a squid, a crab and a squirrel who lives in a goldfish bowl. Spongebob himself lives in a pineapple and works as a fry cook in a fast-food outlet. His King is Neptune, God of the Sea. If parents have not watched the show, it will not be noticeable.