Can You Be in Two Hogwarts houses?

Do you remember that time? Harry Potter fans were blown away when the Author of the Harry Potter series of novel, J. K. Rowling had tweeted to a user saying that she was a Slytherpuff! Well, I’m sure you might already have a hogwarts house. But, have you ever wondered about being in two hogwarts houses? 

Some might think that their current Hogwarts house isn’t detailed enough to define people based on their character or behavior. It is possible for a true Harry Potter fan to feel like that. Since fans are immersed in the story of the fiction or fantasy series of the novel like Harry Potter, they tend to feel that their characters aren’t perceived well by a mere quiz. Well, some might also feel to even re-take a hogwarts house quiz again, just for their satisfaction. Fans really can get torn between the two Hogwarts houses because they may have got a different result every single time. If you really feel that you should take another hogwarts house quiz, you should visit quizz boom! You can visit our website and find out which two Hogwarts houses you can be. In this way, you can be defined who you in a precise manner, and also, hidden qualities will be displayed right when you take up the quiz. 

Well, who says you can only belong to one house? True Harry Potter fans will never admit being in just one Hogwarts house. Each person is different in their own way, so why stick to just one quiz? You can take up various other quizzes on quizz boom website. Before answering the questions, you might already be aware of which two Hogwarts houses you will get? When you answer the questions in the quiz, it will analyze your personality based on how you see yourself, your overall thinking, what are your morals and values, etc. Make sure you take up the quiz honestly in order to provide more accurate results because trusting your first instinct is very important. We never make any mistake, just like your favorite Sorting Hat! So, be prepared to find out which wizardly two hogwarts houses you belong in! Maybe you would be a Gryffindor-Hufflepuff Hybrid, loyal, caring, and brave! Or maybe you would be a Ravenclaw-Slytherin Hybrid, clever and cunning at the same time. 

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