Can one punch man die?

Can one punch man die?

One punch man has so much power but he can die at the point where Boros’s attack happens. So that he can be harmed by that even there are so many times he will survive from the attacks but the Murata Manga says that he also be dead in one time. But the beautiful thing is till now there is no one can beat the hero Saitama. Also, the only possible way of his death is to happen by himself, not by others. And there is a man who can beat Saitama is Mahou Rimura but he cannot win and there is no proof for Saitama defeated by him.

Why Saitama has god power?

Some people are thinking like Saitama is a god even Saitama does also not know that he is a god. In the third episode of One Punch Man Webcomic, the writer portrayed him as he achieved his goal to be a god and he strengthen himself daily by doing so many exercises that make him stronger than anyone in this world. Even he does the same exercises for over three years without any gap and those exercises are a hundred push-ups, hundred sit-ups, and around ten kilometers of running practice. So, try to read one punch man webcomic because it is such a good comic to read.

Genos also does not realize that Saitama is a god in a human body so he says that he is lying. Later both are going to the Hero Association and the testers say that he is a god and the power he having is like a god. Till the fourth episode, no one can realize that in the starting stage of the fifth episode only everyone realizes that. And the character of Saitama is sometimes apathetic but he fixes one thing in his mind that no force stops him from being a hero of this universe.

Also, he dreams about the enemies are flying when he gives one punch to them. So, he works on it and make them fly like that. After three years of training, he achieving his goal and he is a hero for so many people in the universe. Even a person who get the punch from him will not survive after that incident happen. When you read one punch man webcomic then you can feel the difference between this comic and others.