Can You Pass This "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Trivia Quiz?

Can You Pass This “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Trivia Quiz?

The TV Show is about a Police Department in New York City where the starring actor is Andy Sandberg. The members of the Police Department are followed by a team of detectives who try to solve every new case. You already know about Andy Sandberg, who is Jake Peralta in the TV Show. He is a care-free guy and has solved most of the cases from the department. He falls for his team member, who is a nerdy but lovable partner, Amy Santiago. And the story goes on!

Let us introduce you to the main list of characters from the TV Show:

  • Andy Sandberg is named Jake Peralta.
  • Stephanie Beatriz is named Roza Diaz.
  • Melissa Fumero is named Amy Santiago.
  • Terry Crews is named Terry Jeffords.
  • Chelsea Peretti is named Gina Linetti.
  • Joe Lo Truglio is named Charles Boyle.
  • Andre Braugher is named Raymond Holt.
  • Dirk Blocker is named Michael Hitchcock.
  • Joel McKinnon Miller is named Norm Scully.

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Can You Pass This "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Trivia Quiz?

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